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Vendors refer to a person or company that offers something(Products or Services) for your organization. Eg: Re-Seller.

Adding new Vendor info #

Follow the below steps to add a new Vendor.

  • Adding Vendor info Manually
    • Click on the + Add Vendor button in the List View of the module.
    • Add the appropriate details
    • Finally, click on Save.
  • Using Quick Create
    • It lets you quickly add Vendor info from anywhere in Joforce CRM.
    • Click on the + icon in the Quick Actions Menu bar
    • Choose Vendor from the drop-down
    • In the Quick Create Vendor popup, add the related information
    • Once done, hit Save
  • Importing Vendor info from Existing Files
    • You can get all your existing Vendor information from different sources inside Joforce CRM. Gather the list of all your Vendor information, convert it into a CSV file, and import it all in just a click.

Default Vendor fields #

By default Joforce CRM offers you a List of fields, to add vendor-related information into Joforce CRM.


You can easily add Create custom fields to your services module to add more information about your Vendors.

Managing records in Vendors #

Common action performed

  • Click on a List text box at the top → click on Create New option beside the LISTS to create custom filters.
  • Click on More
  • Click on Import → To import all your existing vendor information
  • Workflows → To add workflows related to your Task and Events.
  • Picklists Values → To modify the picklist values
  • Numbering → To create custom numbering for records
  • Setup Webforms → To automate the capture of prospect info into Joforce CRM
  • Merge selected records → To merge the records
  • Find Duplicates → To find duplicate in the module
  • Export → To export the data to an external source

Action performed in the list view

  • Click on the Search icon in the right corner of the list table → To search for records in that module
  • Click on the Box icon in the right corner of the list table → To alter the header menu
  • Double click on the menu → To sort the menu.
  • Bulk Actions on multiple records → Select the desired records → click on the drop-down menu in the top
    • Send Email → To send email to your prospects
    • Follow – To keep track of a record
    • Unfollow – Disable when you no longer need to keep track of a vendor
    • Add Tag → To add a different tag for the selected records
    • Edit → To edit the selected records on the whole (Mass Edit)
    • Delete → To Delete the selected records(bulk deletion)

Actions done on single record

  • Click on the drop-down in the right corner of each record
    • Details → Navigate to the detailed view of the record
    • Edit → To edit the record
    • Delete → To delete the selected record
  • Record Activity- To record the activity by means of Date

Action performed in the detail view

  • Click on Add Tag below the vendor icon → To add a tag
  • Enable the STAR icon to follow(keep track of) a document. Disable it to unfollow. Click on Follow – To keep track of a vendor info
  • Click on Edit → To edit the record
  • Click on Send Email → To send an email to your prospects
  • Click on More
    • Delete → To delete the record information
    • Duplicate → To replicate the already existing record to create a new one.
  • Create Purchase Order → To create a purchase order

View/ addition of other module records related to the particular Vendor information #

You can easily view/ add the other module records related to a specific Vendor.

  • Go to the detailed view of the particular record
  • Click on the appropriate module icon. It displays all the related records.
  • You can also relate a new record either
    • By selecting from the already existing records
    • By adding a new record to that module