Joforce CRM Features

Manage all your business process in one place

One solution, to efficiently handle all your business process. From point of entry to maintaining long-term relationship with customer, cut all the clutters it takes.

Lead Management


Set your JoForce CRM to turn your website visitor as CRM Leads. Identify the potential Lead & assign them to your sales reps. Make the necessary touch-points & grab the opportunity.

Opportunity Management

oppertunity management

Visualize, Organize, Analyze, Prioritize & Close Deal. Get everything you need, to better manage your sales process and sell more in a smarter & faster way.

Inventory Management

Inventory mangements

360 degree view all your business information in one place. Maintain a complete list of all your products, vendor info & more.

Support Management

support management

Helpdesk right inside your JoForce. Bring all your customer queries under one roof & deliver a legendary service to your customers.

Connect. Engage. Close deal

No more juggling between your CRM and communication channel, reach out your customers right from JoForce CRM. Connect via email or phone, communicate with your prospects and better engage with them. Easily find & analyse your sales reps performance by keeping track of all the conversations in one place.


jf Email

Get your email client inside JoForce & connect with your prospects right away. Rather than using a common email for CRM, use your own email to communicate with your prospects.


telephony 1

Get your email client inside JoForce & connect with your prospects right away. Rather than using a common email for CRM, use your own email to communicate with your prospects.


Sometimes you may feel bored to do the same work over and over. By this time, automation works for you to help you be more productive. Intelligent Workflows to automate your day-to-day activities. Mail Convertor, to scan all your incoming emails, and automate action in your CRM.

Intelligent Workflow


Work less and get more done. Use workflow automations that operates for you to get all your repetitive task, from sending follow up emails to managing your data to be done on time.

Scan Email. Automate Actions


Let your CRM act for you. Configure your mailbox to automatically scan all your incoming emails and trigger actions in your JoForce CRM.

CRM on the move

When sales keeps your sales rep moving, shouldn’t your CRM move along with? Empower your reps to carry the CRM wherever they go. Turn your mobile phone as your CRM and get things on the fly.

Your sales on the go

Never let any of your sales opportunity pass by. Get instant access to your customers information from any Smartphone, iPad and Tablets.

Take actions from anywhere

Done with your client meeting? Go-head to add, edit or delete any CRM information right way from you mobile.

Plan your day

Seize your work day with a agile planner. Easy to schedule and track all your day-to-day activities right from your pocket.

Track. Analyse. Act

No more complex processes to analyze your growth. Get a clear and in-depth view of all your team’s work from JoForce CRM. Measure your team’s performance, uncover your team best practices and encourage them to work in the top gear.

Generate reports

Take complete control of your report generation process. Gain valuable insight with elegant chart and tabular reports.


Mark a recurring time to automatically run reports and analyze your team’s performance on daily or weekly basis rather than manually generating it every time.

Share & Export Reports

Share reports with your team and let them to view their own performance. Make a copy of your reports by exporting it as a CSV or Excel file.

Get More From JoForce

Engineered in a way to give all the necessary features in one place. Built-in duplicate check and address lookup, ensure the maintenance of more accurate data in your CRM.



Stop juggling between your external Calendar and CRM. Plan & Organize all your activities with JoForce built-in calendar.



Maintain all business documents in your CRM without any hassle. Save and use it whenever needed right way from your JoForce.


Duplicate Check

Audit, spot and eliminate the duplicates in your JoForce. Get instant pop alerts once duplicates are spotted and keep your growing CRM more clean.


Address Lookup

Autocomplete address fields with more accurate and location based address suggestions in JoForce. Get complete control over the address population.

Extend your CRM

Streamline your business process by integrating JoForce with your favourite apps. Fetch all your data from different sources and manage it right from your JoForce.


Automate your day-to-day activities and build workflows by connecting your JoForce with different apps via zapier.

Google Calendar

Never miss out any of your important appointments. Connect your JoForce & Google Calendar to efficiently track & organize all your activities from one place.

Google Contacts

All your contact info at one spot. Connect your google Contact and JoForce in just a click & keep your contact info sync.

Customize your CRM

Tailor your JoForce in the way you work. Gain the advantage of creating new custom modules, fields that suits your specific business needs. Reorder the menu based on your convenience with the highly customizable menu editor.

Add new Modules

Organize all your information under different modules to serve your Sales, Marketing and Support needs. Personalize your JoForce by adding custom modules of your choice.

Tailor your Menu layout

Place the most frequently accessed menu at the first position & get instant access to it without any hassle. Order the menu in the way you want.