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Custom Filters

Pick out the specific record information from the whole stack of CRM information with filters.

Creating custom filters or view #

  • Navigate to the desired module for which you need to create filters.
  • Click on the filter text box at the top << Add Filter

In Create a New List overlay, add the filter name in the List Name



  • Add permission to your filters
    • Set default – Enable the checkbox, to set this filter as the default filter for you and all your Users
    • List in Metrics – Enable the checkbox, to view this filter in the home page Key Metrics widget.
  • Select the columns and order
    • Choose the column information to be displayed, when the filter is applied.
    • You can also reorder the column by simply dragging and dropping it.
  • Add the necessary filters or conditions – You can define any no. of conditions
    • All Conditions (AND) – Displays record which satisfies all the defined conditions
    • Any condition is met (OR) – Displays record which satisfies at least any one of the conditions defined.
  • Share this List – Enable the check box to share this filter only to specific users or roles. Choose the appropriate Role or User from the drop-down.
  • Once you hit Save, you can view your new filter in the MY LIST


Setting custom filter as your default filter #

Joforce CRM lets you set the newly created filter as a default filter. To set it as default,

In the Create or Edit view – Enable the checkbox Set as Default