We have been working with the Vtiger CRM and the related products from the initial days of Vtiger CRM. The Vtiger CRM development and community process were very slow from the initial days. But it is a very serious issue the Open Source CRM in the recent days has become more closed for even contribution.… Read More


We all know the value of time and especially when it comes to “Customer Service”, the idea of saving time is critical. In general, speed counts in getting back to your customer where they’d like to be. Since time is the resource, where you and your competitor are in the same track. It’s paramount to… Read More


Have you ever wondered, what might be the most valuable asset for any business? Most people would answer, the products or the employees or the stakeholders and more. Sure, all these are valuable but above all, the one that stand out from the crowd are customers. In fact, whatever may be your business or focus… Read More


JoForce, an open source CRM for all. Last month, we released the initial version of JoForce, bundled with many rich features to provide you a sophisticated CRM experience. After which we’re working hard to consistently add much more new features to the existing bundle to make it even more better than before. To keep you… Read More


“Knowing your audience” is the key to any successful business. Because every customer wants you to know who they are and what they are looking for. The more you know about them, the better you can connect with your customers. And a CRM can help you coherently work with your customers by aggregating the scattered… Read More