Joforce 3.0 – A Brand New Look with User-Interactive Designs & Webhooks

A long wait is now over. Joforce 3.0 has been released. This time, our team concentrated mainly on redesigning the user interface.

The CRM comes out with a new refreshed look. It is renovated from the base. You can interact more easily now. This article discusses the overall features of this version release. To know that, keep reading.


What’s new?

As we have aforementioned the major improvements are done to the User Interface. But there are still some features that are added in this release.

The features are,

  • WebHooks
  • Record Activities
  • Responsive Improvements

Before discussing these. Let’s see the improvements in CRM User Interface.

Joforce UI Improvements

We have entirely redesigned the CRM. The dashboard widget view looks more appealing. It helps your CRM users easily know the current status of your business sales and CRM at a glance. You can view the scheduled activities, sales pipeline, sales forecast, etc., details directly from the Dashboard.


The detailed view of records is amazingly organized now. The new design showcases all the related records info as a separate block, which is placed beside the record general details making it easier to notice for the users.


Eye-catching Calendar View

The Calendar view now looks completely different from the old design. Below you can see the new Calendar look.


This helps users to know scheduled events and plans in a single glance. Thanks to its visually appealing layout.

The modules list of records is arranged neatly as shown below.


The kanban view for all modules maintains the same structure but it is redesigned to match the new design. Below you can see the image of the Kanban view applied for the Deals module.



Webhooks are newly introduced to Joforce CRM. You can visit the Settings page to configure it. Webhooks are generally used to trigger a target URL when a particular action is performed on the selected module.

With webhooks, you can integrate CRM with third-party applications. The webhooks will send notifications to the third-party application when a specific event occurs in CRM.

You can create webhooks inside Joforce CRM just by clicking on the ‘Add Webhooks’ button. Fill out the webhook name, module name, endpoint URL, assigned to, fields, status, events, and description to create a new webhook.


Record Activities for all modules

The Activity section is provided for all the module records. It will tell you the activities done like created, edited, updated, etc., for the selected record. You can find activity inside each record’s detailed view.


If you visit the activity page. The details are categorized based on dates. Expand the date to view the activity details.


Improvements in Responsive

The CRM is highly responsive and adapts to or fits any user screen. You can access it on devices like laptops, and tablets.

Download Joforce

The CRM is free to download. You can get it from GitHub. Download now and enjoy using the CRM.

Download from Sourceforge

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