Joforce CRM Version 1.5 Change Log

Joforce 1.5 is now live. This version comes with an enhanced User Experience and bug fixes.


  • Added: Support for MySQL V5.7
  • Added: Support for importing User data from CSV
  • Added: Easily get updates on any changes made in important or personalized record.


  • Modified: Forum pages


  • Modified: Buttons UI in Calendar list view.
  • Fixed: Issues in Modules mod-comments.


  • Fixed: Issues in Duplicate Check module.


  • Fixed: In shared calendar, the border outline in Today’s date is fixed


  • Modified: After a long time of inactivity, on login reattempt it is directed to the previously accessed page, instead of the dashboard view.


  • Fixed: Problem occurred with uploading images.


  • Fixed: The balance field value in Purchase Order is updated based on the quantity of products added.


  • Added: Documents and files attachment in emails.


  • Fixed: Bug in uploading images on mod-comments is resolved.
  • Modified: Able to mark the Project Milestone to follow up.
  • Fixed: Issues in choosing line items in Invoices, Quotes, Sales Order, and Purchase Order.
  • Fixed: Module fields are displayed in PDF Maker.
  • Fixed: Notification section bug.
  • Modified: Notifications info updated with the entity and assignee names.


  • Added: Support for Custom fields in the Language Editor.
  • Modified: Now navigates to the correct destination when select Workflow in ‘More’ dropdown.


  • Modified: Updated UI of Joforce demo.


  • Fixed: Mail Converter URL issue fixed.
  • Fixed: Issues in CRM Logout.
  • Fixed: Issue in Projects detail view, occurred when creating Project Tasks and Milestones.
  • Fixed: ‘Attach from Desktop’ button in Email Plus.


  • Added: Better visualize with Kanban view now for all modules.
  • Added: Non-admin users can use the Setting search option.


  • Fixed: Issues in searching CRM data.


  • Fixed: Incorrect redirection when clicking on ‘Details’ in the list view.
  • Fixed: Unwanted scrolls in Joforce are removed.
  • Added: Searchable picklist to locate the exact value


  • Modified: Reduced modules enable section as three parts in the installation process.


  • Added: Support added to the Settings module, Custom Fields, and picklist field values in Language Editor.
  • Modified: Collapse and expand section to all modules in the Language Editor.