Discover what’s new in Joforce! – A step ahead in our Journey

Joforce CRM Latest Innovations

“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” -Benjamin Disraeli Change is a continuous occurrence and all changes leads to the betterment. With this as our mission, we’re continuously working hard towards the betterment of Joforce. In the same way, today we’re excited to unveil the brand new features. Let’s explore.

Joforce's Latest Innovations

A fresh new look!

Introducing the all-new, more intuitive & interactive user interface for Joforce to give you a better user experience like never before. What’s we’ve changed, almost everything right from the Installation.

  • Get a overview of all the latest updates of Joforce during your installation.
  • Entirely new Login Page
  • New form layout
  • Customizable menu

And much more new things are added. Go-ahead and experience it.

Connect with your favorite app right from Joforce

As a part of Sales, Marketing and Support team, every one of us may work across different apps. When all these app based works are handled right from your CRM, would it be awesome? Of Course, yes isn’t it! Now Joforce is connected with Zapier, an integrated web-based platform to connect over 1000+ app to experience a smooth data transfer. You can easily connect different apps with Joforce and get all your work done within Joforce.

Better visualization of your sales process

Visually track your sales process to efficiently track, analyse, prioritize and close deals at the faster rate. It gives a better insight of all your deals in each stage of your pipeline. Once you’re successful in your sales activities, just drag & drop deals to navigate between different stages of your pipeline.

Your choice of menu arrangements

Enhanced menu editor, lets you to have a fully customizable menu in the way to want. Not only menu, now get a quick access to your frequently used application like facebook or twitter or any other app right from your Joforce. Just add the URL of the specified application, name and place it in your menu bar.

More to know

Not only the above! there is so much more to know about. To smoothen the experience of different modules, many new enhancement are done in Email Plus, PDF Maker, Module studio and more. That’s all for today! We’ll be back very soon. Until then take a spin of these new features GitHub or SourceForge and let us know what you think in the comments below or write to us.