Announcing Joforce : A better Open Source CRM

Joforce CRM

“Knowing your audience” is the key to any successful business. Because every customer wants you to know who they are and what they are looking for. The more you know about them, the better you can connect with your customers. And a CRM can help you coherently work with your customers by aggregating the scattered customer info all in one place.But, choosing the CRM that fits in your need is a difficult decision to make. One of the critical factor is price, the additional hidden charges added to the sticker price.
Well! Lucky for you.


Today, we are introducing an open source CRM Joforce that gives value to your money. It has all the major functionalities of the CRM and provides you an sophisticated CRM experience.

The CRM has all the basic leads, contacts, opportunities, workflow, etc as in all the traditional CRM. The additional rich features bundled in the first version of Joforce are

  • Intuitively meaningful semantic or user-friendly URLs.
  • Built your own module with powerful Module Studio.
  • Craft your Invoice, Quotes and more docs as PDF files with PDF maker.
  • Keep your CRM clean without any duplicate Lead/Contact insertion, instant duplicate check.
  • Insert your Lead record without any typos, autocomplete addresses as you start typing.

It’s just the beginning of what we started with. We have lot more value added features in pipeline. We will publish a detailed road map for the Joforce in a week time. I am eager to know what you think – please feel free to send us your thoughts. You can download our Joforce CRM form here.