Roadmap for Upcoming Versions

Joforce, an open source CRM for all. Last month, we released the initial version of Joforce, bundled with many rich features to provide you a sophisticated CRM experience. After which we’re working hard to consistently add much more new features to the existing bundle to make it even more better than before. To keep you all posted about the upcoming versions of Joforce, here we’re providing the detailed road map. Here is the list of features of the upcoming releases.


Joforce version 1.1(Beta) :

To keep you relaxed and work smartly with your ever growing information. we’re launching Kanban View and Global Search in Joforce 1.5 today.
Kanban view provides an organized way to keep track of all your sales activities and data for better comprehension. And the global search helps you to search through the entire CRM to exactly locate what you want.

  • Better chart Visualization with HighCharts
  • Usability Improvements
  • PHP version 7 Support
  • Core improvements

Joforce Version 1.2 :

  • Free Mobile App – Android & iOS
  • Customer Portal
  • Better Caching
  • Gzip compression by default
  • Nginx Support
  • Upgrading Mobile module
  • Better webservices support
  • Performance improvement in handling canonical URL

Are you ready to try Joforce? You can download it either from GitHub or SourceForge and get started!