Better CRM Navigation: Uniquely organize menu with users choice of modules

Little things can make a big difference. The structure and menus of your navigation can have great impact on performance. But the access to menu differs for each CRM users. The sales team, support team or other CRM users have their own unique set of modules they frequently access. Then how we can make the navigation menu more friendly for each CRM users?

Here’s where our Joforce’s more flexible & customizable menu editor comes in. It lets each CRM users to define their own navigation menu add, remove or reorder the structure. Say for example, sales team frequently access Leads, Opportunities & other modules whereas for support people, the frequently accessed modules is tickets, customer portal, contacts or any other. And all these required menus can be efficiently organized with simple drag & drop.

Main Menu

Here you can add your frequently accessed modules and links. It offers you with 2 different kinds of menu.

  • Add modules – Choose and add the frequently accessed default Joforce CRM modules and custom modules
  • Add Link – Add external links of your most frequently accessed application url ( like mailchimp or any other), so that you can get a quick access to any of your 3rd party application you frequently use. Simple and fast navigation right from Joforce CRM to your applications.

All Menu

Not only the top navigation menu(main menu), you can also alter the All menu section.

Add new section

Have created any custom module and want to include it in your menu but not in the available default menu section? No problem, include a custom section to list all your custom modules separately. Joforce CRM gives you the flexibility to add icons to your custom menus too. Just choose the icon and then copy & paste the icon name.

Add new menu

For all the available default section and custom section created, you can add your own set of module list. Click on the + icon to add a new modules

Drag. Drop. Reorder

Simply the drag the desired menu and drop it in the place where were you need. Not tried yet? Just go ahead and give it try and lets us know your thoughts on this in the comments below or write to us.