Say NO to duplicates in your CRM

Ever experienced this: Inadvertently, finding yourself mailing to an outdated customer address. Oops! The right address was on the new record added last week. Or mailing the same email multiple times to the same customer. Or One reason behind all these issues is “Data Duplicates” especially CRM Duplicates, as most of today’s business owner uses CRM to manage all their customer information. It might not sound like a big issue, but CRM duplicate makes it impossible to communicate with your customer base in a meaningful way.

In order to counter this drawback, Joforce CRM has come up a built-in Duplicate check tool, to detect and eliminate the duplicate records in your Joforce CRM.

Your rules to detect duplicates

Unique fields – Choose your CRM module field to check for duplicates. Consider you have chosen “Mobile Phone” field as a unique field in Contacts module. Now whenever you add a new contact information, Joforce checks all the existing Contact phone number to find for duplicates.

Instant pop-up alerts

Once duplicate data is detected, Joforce instantly pops out an alert to notify you. Not just a pop up with the duplicate created alert, it also gives you with the existing record Name and ID. With this, you can easily eliminate the duplicates at time of your data insertion.

Check across different modules

Joforce offers you with Cross Module Duplicate Detection to check for duplicates across different modules like Leads, Contacts, and Organisation.

Full control of duplicate check

Joforce Duplicate Check gives you a full control over the duplicate check. You can turn ON & OFF the check mode individually for all modules. Easily maintain a clean database with Joforce CRM.Get started today! Your feedback on what can be improved would be of great assistance to us. Please feel free to say your thoughts in the comments below or email to us.