“CRM Modules” offers a great way to efficiently organize your business process and lets you to categorize your customer information in some order. However, offering a standard set of modules for your business helps you to track the common elements of your process. What about the processes that is unique to your business. As every… Read More


Ever experienced this: Inadvertently, finding yourself mailing to an outdated customer address. Oops! The right address was on the new record added last week. Or mailing the same email multiple times to the same customer Or …. One reason behind all these issues is “Data Duplicates” especially CRM Duplicates, as most of today’s business owner… Read More


“Sales” – It is the primary key for any business to be successful. This is why, every organization should undoubtedly have a well defined sales process. According to a research by Harvard business Review, organization that maintains even a simple & basic defined sales process grow 15 percent faster than those don’t have it. So… Read More


Ever experienced this scenario: Awesome! You won a new client with a new project. It’s time to analyse your client requirements and to generate a Quote. After thorough analysis, you may either fill out a spreadsheet or log into an online site to access a predefined Quote template. And spend your next 20-30 minutes in… Read More


How often you leave your home without your Mobile phone? Almost it never happens. Mobile technology has drastically altered the way we do things. Not only in our personal life but also in our workforce. The concept of “9 to 5” “Monday to Friday” work week is diminishing. This is especially true for your sales… Read More


Little things can make a big difference. The structure and menus of your navigation can have great impact on performance. But the access to menu differs for each CRM users. The sales team, support team or other CRM users have their own unique set of modules they frequently access. Then how we can make the… Read More


Just a few days ago, we’ve released the latest version of JoForce which includes many new and cool features. One such cool feature includes – Zapier integration. You can connect and sync different app data with JoForce via Zapier. Access the JoForce Zap, and use it either as trigger or actions to connect with your… Read More


“Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” -Benjamin Disraeli Change is a continuous occurrence and all changes leads to the betterment. With this as our mission, we’re continuously working hard towards the betterment of JoForce. In the same way, today we’re excited to unveil the brand new features. Let’s explore.. A fresh new look! Introducing the… Read More


We have been working with the Vtiger CRM and the related products from the initial days of Vtiger CRM. The Vtiger CRM development and community process were very slow from the initial days. But it is a very serious issue the Open Source CRM in the recent days has become more closed for even contribution.… Read More


We all know the value of time and especially when it comes to “Customer Service”, the idea of saving time is critical. In general, speed counts in getting back to your customer where they’d like to be. Since time is the resource, where you and your competitor are in the same track. It’s paramount to… Read More