Announcing the new & latest updates for Joforce CRM

Joforce CRM 1.4 release brings support for Masquerading your CRM contacts as Users. This gives you more choice for grouping contacts based on roles and give them access to their data inside CRM. Besides this, we have added support for email tracking, custom module creation, language editor and more.

Journey of Joforce CRM 1.4

Our journey of Joforce CRM was started in July 2017 and on the way here we have explored lots of features that makes Joforce CRM stand out of the crowd among other CRM. We have laboured 600 hours(approximately) of feature development, enhancements, implementing customer feedback and fixing minor bugs. Since it’s start, Joforce CRM is being continuously improved in all dimensions.
The release of Joforce CRM 1.4 includes:

  • Masquerading your CRM contacts as users
  • Email tracking
  • Custom module support
  • Language editor
  • Under the hood enhancements


Masquerade your Contacts as Users

Give all your contacts access to their data stored inside the CRM. Take complete control over the modules and profiles that can be viewed and accessed by them. With the multiple user roles, you can easily categorize your contacts in groups and give permission to access only the modules they need in the CRM. The CRM access are perfectly firewalled to prevent eavesdropping of Masqueraded Users and strictly limited to their permitted boundary. No worries of safeguarding your private data, Joforce takes care of your CRM’s security.

Keep track of your emails

As part of your client-facing team Salesperson, Product Marketer and Support Representative daily send a number of emails to Leads/Contacts in CRM. And this has been a routine of everyday sales and support, Have you ever thought what happens after an email is sent?
Nah?? Now, it’s time to track these for a better understanding of the performance of the emails delivered from the CRM.
Joforce CRM lets you to track email open and the clicks on the attachment links. Once you make up the email and hit send, Joforce CRM automatically starts tracking and you can deal with the contact based on their response to your emails. Email tracking made easy and simple without any third party softwares.

CRM that speaks your language

You told, we listened to it. Since our last release, many of the customers requested different language support for Joforce CRM, to enjoy CRM in their own language. So here it is – All new Language editor, to turn Joforce CRM into your preferred language. Now Joforce supports 16 different languages like,

  • Arabic
  • British English
  • DE Deutch
  • ES Mexico
  • ES Spanish
  • HU Magyar
  • IT Italian
  • Język Polski
  • NL-Dutch
  • PT Brasil
  • Pack de Langue Francaise
  • Romania
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Turkce Dil Paketi
  • US English

If your language is not available in the above option you can easily add your own language with Language Editor.

Custom Module Support

Now easily get all your third-party custom modules right inside your Joforce CRM. With the advanced Module Studio, you can either create your own new custom module or use one of your existing custom modules.

Few more things

In addition to the above, we have added few more enhancements. Now you can install Joforce in just 5 minutes. And few more enhancements are made in Notification Dashboard, now you can get a quick view of your notifications from the Dashboard itself. Each of your CRM users can use their own preferred settings for notification.

What’s next

Head over to our Live Demo or download your Joforce CRM and try these new updates! . We’d love to hear from you, lets us know your feedback in the comments below or write to us.