Language Editor

With Language Editor, you can easily change the CRM in your own Language. By default, Joforce supports Arabic, British English, DE Deutch, ES Mexico, ES Spanish, HU Magyar, IT Italian, J?zky Polski, NL-Dutch, PT Brasil, Pack de langue francaise, Romania, Russian, Swedish, Turkce Dil Paketi, US English. If the your language is not available in the dropdown, you can use the Language Editor and Convert the CRM in your Language.

  • Click on the Profile icon → Settings → Navigate to the Module Management section click on Language Editor

  • Click on Add Language in the Give Language name and code to create new language overlay, Add your own Language Name and Language code. Then choose the language from which the language are need to copied for your new language.

  • Finally, click on save.

  • Now you can see the newly added language from the drop down.

  • Choose the Module and newly added language from the drop down.

  • And Start changing the values and finally click on Save.

Apply the language in Joforce CRM

If your language is already available in CRM,

  • Navigate to your own User profile section and choose the appropriate language from the dropdown and click on Save.

Joforce CRM, lets you to use different language for different User login. Your CRM users can use the CRM in their preferred language.