Joforce Automated Backup Extension

Frequent backup of CRM file and database is essential to switchover from failures. Joforce Automated Backup Extension can do this job perfectly, you can just schedule the frequency to backup and forget this job. It will take backup automatically, store file in prefered location and keep the logs.
  • Hassle-freely backup your CRM data.
  • Separately backup your CRM files and database.
  • Schedule the process with a regular time interval to get automatically backed up.
  • Have an option to fix the number of backup counts to keep.
  • Store the backup file in any location as per your need.

Joforce Automated Backup Extension

CRM Compability

CRM Compatibility :Edition: Open SourceVersion: 1.5 & above

Product Version

Product version 1.0

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
ionCube Loader 4.0 & above
Product Demo
Explore peace of mind with Joforce Automated Backup Extension demo. Effortlessly schedule backups, secure your data, and minimize downtime. Witness seamless automation, robust security, and easy data recovery. Try it now to safeguard your business-critical information and ensure uninterrupted operations!

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