Joforce Calculate Field

The better way to automate calculations inside JoforceCRM without writing any coding. Calculate fields allows you to calculate values for the numbered fields of Joforce modules. Calculations are done based on the fields of related modules and the defined filters of these modules.
  • Provides numbered values for different operations like SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, and COUNT.
  • Automatic calculations through scheduler.
  • Calculate values based on related modules field.
  • Uses standard Joforce filters, and custom fields.
  • Able to create your own filters with conditions.
  • Create an unlimited number of Calculate Fields.
  • Supports all modules in Joforce CRM.
  • Compatible with Joforce version 1.5 and higher.

Joforce Calculate Field

CRM Compability

CRM Compatibility :Edition: Open SourceVersion: 1.5 & above

Product Version

Product version 1.0

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
ionCube Loader 4.0 & above
Product Demo
Experience the power of Joforce Calculate Field with our interactive demo. See firsthand how results easily you can automate calculations, streamline procedures, and increase productiveness. Dive into its intuitive interface and witness real-time facts manipulation. Try it now for a glimpse into optimized workflows!

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