Conditional Layout Designer

This tool lets you to give condition to display the fields in specific modules. You can make the fields mandatory, change to read only mode, Sum up two fields and hide.
  • Create layouts based on condition for all modules.
  • You can give conditions based on AND and OR rules.
  • Anytime you can edit layout condition and action.
  • Switch condition status to Active or Inactive.
  • Have options to Make Field Mandatory, Make Field Read Only, Hide Field, and SUM.

Conditional Layout Designer

CRM Compability

CRM Compatibility :Edition: Open SourceVersion: 1.5 & above

Product Version

Product version 1.0

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
ionCube Loader 4.0 & above
Product Demo
Experience flexibility with Conditional Layout Designer demo. Customize layouts based on dynamic conditions, enhance user experiences, and boost productivity. Witness streamlined workflows, intuitive design, and enhanced usability. Try it now to unlock personalized interface control and optimize efficiency!

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