Introducing the all–new Customer portal, Mobile app and more for Joforce

Customer Portal: We all know the value of time, and especially when it comes to “Customer Service,” the idea of saving time is critical. In general, speed counts in getting back to your customer where they’d like to be. Since time is the resource, where you and your competitor are on the same track. It’s paramount to provide your customers with quick and extraordinary customer service.
Customer Portal

That’s what our latest announcement is all about – Joforce 1.2, the latest and greatest update. Introducing the all-new Mobile app, Customer portal and more that enables you to engage with your customers better than before and eventually turn them from ordinary customers to loyal customers.

All-new Customer Portal

Delivering the best customer service is the ultimate goal of every business. In order to stay competitive, businesses these days uses different support channels like phone and email to engage with their customers. However, those tools are good enough for quite some time. It’s no longer suitable for long standing problems that requires multiple interactions and in some cases, the long wait time for phone or email responses may leave customers dissatisfied. So, what’s the solution?
Joforce’s the new Customer portal made it easy for you to engage with your customers. You can empower your customers with a self serve portal for better engagement.

  • Enable your customers to create, submit and keep track of the support tickets.
  • You can allow your customers to view the knowledge(FAQ), invoice, quotes and more.

Free Mobile App  –  Android & iOS

Nowadays, it’s just common to hold the smart phones by each and every individuals. It drastically changed the way we get things done. And with this ever changing technological trends everyone expect information to be available in real-time, not “when get back to the office”. The same applies for your sales team, right? Your sales professionals travel to different places for client meetings, attending events and some may work remotely. By the time they need immediate access to some valuable information in order to get their work done. So definitely a Mobile CRM has a place of honour in it’s own way.

Introducing the all new Mobile App for Joforce that enables you to work on the fly. Now you can easily get access to all your Joforce CRM data from anywhere and from any device.

  • It provides you the fastest and secure way to access all your CRM data in no time.
  • With a built-in to-do widget you can easily plan all your events in one place.
  • Now internet connection is not a problem. With the support for the offline data access you can view all your CRM data any time irrespective of the internet connection.

More enhancements

A lot more new enhancements are done to make Joforce even better than before. Joforce now comes with support for Nginx and some performance improvements in handling canonical URL and more.
Get the package from either GitHub or SourceForge. Take a spin and let us know what you think!