One CRM that fits to everyone’s need

“CRM Modules” offers a great way to efficiently organize your business process and lets you to categorize your customer information in some order. However, offering a standard set of modules for your business helps you to track the common elements of your process. What about the processes that is unique to your business. As every business is unique with its own flavour and so its process.

So one stable size never fits all. With this in mind, Joforce is built to offer you with tremendous flexibility to design your own custom modules. You can design and mold your custom module, that lets you to extend your Joforce CRM and organize any other additional information right inside your CRM. For example, as a Real Estate based CRM you might want to create a Property module where you can easily manage all the owned property related info in one place.

How it works?

Define your module

Initially add the general information about your custom module like Name(Owned Property), Version of the custom module and choose the Menu where you need categorize it.

Different field type for all your data

As like business processes, the data we manage in the CRM also varies. In the above the example, the Property name, Location, are the important fields. Add your own fields by a simple Drag “n” Drop. You can even add additional info block and Drag “n” Drop to reposition it.

Relate the data with your context

As like any other default Joforce modules, you can relate the data across different modules. In this example, you can create a related list for contacts to maintain the list of interested customers for a particular property.

Start Working

Once done with all the works, you can export your custom module and start using it! So what are you waiting for? Get your Joforce now GitHub or SourceForge and write to us your feedback.