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Agile Planner

Stop juggling between your CRM and Calendar to keep track of all your activities. With a built-in calendar you can schedule and prioritize all your activities within Joforce. Never let any of your important opportunity pass by, efficiently organize all your day-to-day task right from your CRM. Connect your Google Calendar with Joforce & get all your latest events and appointments sync.

joforce document

Bring your docs inside CRM

Manage all your business files in one place. Categorize and organize all your documents under different folders and easily find the information when you need it. Get your docs into Joforce in 3 different ways, from external URL or computer or create a new one.

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Spot & eliminate duplicates

As your business started to evolve, it is difficult to keep your growing CRM library free from duplicates. It chunks your CRM with dirty data. Joforce with the built-in duplicate check, to easily arrest all the duplicate data even before they are created. Get instant pop-up alerts at the time of data insertion and keep your CRM more clean than ever.

joforce address autocomplete

Autocomplete address fields

Entering the accurate address information in multiple CRM fields without any typo errors can be tedious. Address Lookup, to autofill address fields in Joforce as you start typing the values in the address fields. Save the valuable time of your sales reps by giving them a quick way to fill your customers address info without any errors.