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Joforce Asterisk Connector Introduction

Joforce Asterisk Integration – A simple Asterisk Connector for Joforce CRM.
Joforce Asterisk Connector allows you to make and receive your calls within Joforce CRM. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded, and can be downloaded for any kind of future analysis or references. You can dial or reject your customer calls through softphone. You can get your call pop-up right inside your CRM to manage it effectively. You can also visualize the complete call history which includes call status, call duration, contact details and much more on the single unified window.

Joforce Asterisk Integration helps you to easily engage with your Prospect or Customers. You can give complete quick support with all your customer’s information in hand. With the CRM interrelated nature, you can easily get access to any relevant data you are didcussion in your call. Joforce Asterisk Integration brings all in your desk.

All the calls made through Joforce Asterisk Integration are recorded. The record backup will be helpful for any future reference on the call. It will help you to make your sales flow smooth even in the absence of anyone.

The call history report gives you the frequency of contacting your Prospect or Customers. And the time of call that has successful reach to your customers can help you take better decision. Joforce Asterisk Integration makes complete customer communication simple.

Joforce Asterisk Integration Pre-requisites #

  • Asterisk version 1.8. or 11.
  • Oracle Java 1.8
  • Joforce CRM version 1.5 or above
  • Joforce Details
    1. Joforce Server URL
    2. Joforce Secret Key – Copy this detail from Joforce User Profile → Settings → PBXManager Suite.