Release Notes

Version 1.5

Released on 25th February 2020

This version comes with enhanced User Experience and bug fixes.


  • Added support of Address Autocomplete in the User module.
  • Option to attach documents or files in emails.
  • Global search to locate any information within the CRM.
  • Better visualization of data with Kanban view for all modules.
  • Language translation support for Custom fields, picklist field values and in Settings.
  • Expand and collapse sections of each module in Language editor.
  • Search option to locate info in the User module.
  • Enhanced non-admin user actions to use Setting search.
  • Supports importing user data from CSV file.
  • Added support for Mysql version 5.7


  • Modified user interface in Settings and detail view of User module.
  • Unwanted fields are removed in user detail.
  • Made the Kanban view colorful for easy and better understanding.
  • Extended notification to notify on any CRM changes with global notification center
  • Searchable picklist to find the required option.
  • Modified button in the calendar list view.
  • Improved data importing.
  • To have detailed info from notifications, the entity and assignee names are displayed.


  • Issues in the module studio got fixed.
  • Unwanted scrolls are removed.
  • Issues occurred while selecting ‘Details’ on the list view of records is fixed.
  • Fixed issues in searching for a field value.
  • Issues in creating project tasks and milestones from projects’ detailed view are fixed.
  • On attempting to login after a long time inactivity, it is directed to the exact page the User accessed instead of landing in the dashboard view.
  • The issue with previewing the company logo after update is fixed.
  • Issues in choosing line items in Invoice, Quote, Sales Order, and Purchase Order are fixed.
  • In the shared calendar, issues in Today’s date border outline are fixed.
  • Issue in uploading comments on modules mod-comments is fixed.

Version 1.4.1

Released on 12th March 2019

We’re happy to announce Joforce 1.4.1, which addresses minor issues.


  • The values are now saving in the Set Remainder of Task module.
  • Fixed the blank page issue while clicking the Event/Task in Month Calendar.
  • Now the Email Template can be edited without any issues.
  • The menu directing to the PBX Manager configuration is fixed.
  • Now the Invoice, Quotes, SalesOrder information can be edited from the Organisation/Contact Detail Page.

Version 1.4

Released on 17th July 2018

We’re happy to present Joforce 1.4. This release includes some essential new enhancements and fixes.


  • Contacts can now converted as JoforceCRM Users – Masquerade Users.
  • Email Tracking, to keep track of the open and click rate of all the Joforce emails.
  • All new language editor, to turn Joforce CRM in your Preferred language.
  • Create your own custom module with Module Studio.


  • Fixed more than 50+ noted issues.

Version 1.3

Released on 5th April 2017

We’re are happy to announce Joforce 1.3. This is one of the significant releases with a no. of new features and enhancements.


  • Refreshingly new look for JoforceCRM right from the installation. It includes the fresh new theme colors, intuitive login page which showcases the latest updates of Joforce, Customizable menus, New form layouts and more.
  • Easily connect & share data with over 1000+ apps with the support for Zapier Integration.
  • Better visualization of the sales process at one place with Kanban view of deals. Customizable sales stages with easy drag ‘n’ drop navigation.
  • Highly customizable menu editor to make the navigation more easier than ever


  • Edit Purchase order information from Products Module.
  • Issues with PDF Maker is fixed.

Version 1.2

Released on 28th November 2017

We’re pleased to announce Joforce 1.2. This release includes some major enhancements and few fixes.


  • The all-new customer portal, to deliver an extra ordinary customer service.
  • New iOS and Andoird Mobile App, to work on the fly.
  • Joforce CRM now supports the Nginx server.
  • Better webservices support to efficiently handle the documents and mobile usage.
  • Support for Gzip compression for increasing the page loading speed.


  • Bettehandlingng Canonical URL for all core Joforce CRM Modules.


  • Now the Joforce CRM works fine without any issues.
  • The issue with the Email Template list view is fixed.
  • Now the PDF Maker works fine.

Version 1.1 ( Beta )

Released on 14th September 2017

We’re pleased to announce Joforce 1.1(Beta). This release includes some core enhancements and fixes.


  • All the dashboard charts are replaced with Highcharts, for better visualization of JoforceCRM data.
  • Better user interface to have a unique & smooth experience throughout the JoforceCRM.
  • Joforce CRM now supports the latest version of PHP.


  • Includes some core security fixes.

Joforce CRM

Joforce CRM is released on 3rd July 2017

We’re happy to announce the Joforce CRM, a sales CRM to efficiently manage all your business process. Right from the point of entry to maintaining a long-term relationship with your customers all in one place.

  • Automatically capture your Leads right from your website.
  • Make necessary touchpoints on time via email or phone.
  • Visualize & organize your sales in kanban view of deals.
  • Deliver delightful customer service experiences.