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PDF Maker

Joforce CRM offers you a built-in PDF Maker to craft your own beautiful PDF templates for Invoices, Quotes, Sales Orders, and Purchase orders.

Designing your own PDF template #

Joforce CRM offers you four default templates, one for each module(Invoice, Quotes, Sales order, Purchase order). You can easily make changes and use them that suit your business requirements.

  • Click on the PDF Maker menu
  • Joforce CRM offers you 4 different PDF templates → choose and click on the desired PDF template → Edit.


  • Alter the template based on your requirements. General information to be added
    • Add a Template name
    • Enable the checkbox to activate the template
  • Finally, click on Save.


Now you can use these templates while sending Invoices and Quotes to your customers.

Changing the page format and page orientation #

With PDF Maker, you can easily add different page setup. To do so, navigate to the Settings part of PDF Maker. It renders you with,

  • Page Format: A3, A4, A5, A6
  • Page Orientation: Portrait, Landscape
  • Page Margins: Top, Bottom, Left, Right


Adding company and product-related info #

To add your company information,

  • Navigate to the Company Informations tab. Place the cursor and choose the relevant option to be added.
  • Choose Company information from the drop-down and choose the relevant company field to be added to the template


  • If you need the Terms and Conditions in your template. Choose Terms and conditions from the drop-down. To know about Terms and Conditions, refer here.
  • To add the Date and Time, choose the relevant options from the General fields.

To add Product details,

  • Initially choose the tax mode from the Product Block Template drop-down.
    • Group tax – Calculate tax for all the products on the whole
    • Individual tax – Calculate tax for each product
  • Choose the desired product field from the product field dropdown
  • Select the service field to add the Service related information


Managing records #

Common action performed on the module

  • Double click on the menu → To sort the menu values in ascending/ descending order.
  • Click on the vertical ellipsis on the left corner
    • Details → Navigate to the detailed view of the record
    • Edit → To edit the record

Export PDF #

After successfully creating your templates,

  • Navigate to the desired module – Invoice, Quotes, Sales Order and Purchase Order
  • Navigate to the detailed view of the record
  • Click on the PDF Maker menu → Export in the Left side section
  • Once you’ve clicked export, the PDF gets downloaded based on the template you’ve designed filled with the added inventory details.