PDF Maker

Joforce CRM offers you with a built-in PDF Maker to craft your own beautiful PDF templates for Invoice, Quotes, Sales Order and Purchase order.

Designing your own PDF template

Joforce CRM, offers you with four default templates, one for each module(Invoice, Quotes, Sales order, Purchase order). You can easily make changes and use it that suits your business requirements.

  • Click on the PDF Maker menu

  • Joforce CRM offers you with 4 different PDF template → choose and click on the desired PDF template → Edit.
  • Alter the template based on your requirements. General information to be added

    • Add a Template name

    • Enable checkbox to activate the template
  • Finally click on Save.

Now you can use this templates while sending Invoice, Quotes to your customers.

Changing the page format and page orientation

With PDF Maker, you can easily add different page setup. To do so, navigate to the Settings part of PDF Maker. It renders you with,

  • Page Format : A3, A4, A5, A6

  • Page Orientation : Portrait, Landscape

  • Page Margins : Top, Bottom, Left, Right

Adding company and product related info

To add your company information,

  • Navigate to the Company Informations tab. Place the cursor and choose the relevant option to be added.

  • Choose Company information from the drop down and choose the relevant company field to be added in the template

  • If you need the Terms and Conditions in your template. Choose Terms and conditions from the drop down. To know about Terms and Conditions, refer here.

  • To add the Date and Time, choose the relevant options from the General fields.

To add Product details,

  • Initially choose the tax mode from the Product Block Template drop down.

    • Group tax - Calculate tax for all the product on the whole

    • Individual tax - Calculate tax for each product
  • Choose the desired product field from the product field dropdown

  • Select the service field to add the Service related information

Managing records

Common action performed on the module

  • Double click on the menu → To sort the menu values in ascending/ descending order.

  • Click on the vertical ellipsis on the left corner

    • Details → Navigate to the detail view of the record

    • Edit → To edit the record

Export of PDF

After successfully created your templates,

  • Navigate to the desired module - Invoice, Quotes, Sales order and Purchase Order

  • Navigate to the detail view of the record

  • Click on the PDF Maker menu → Export in the Left side section

  • Once you’ve clicked export, the PDF gets download based on the template you’ve designed filled with the added inventory details.