Email Templates

Delight your customers with more personalized and customized email templates. Create email templates and eliminate the boring task of typing the same email content over and over.

Creating email templates

Design your own email templates and populate it while sending out email. To create

  • Click on Email templates menu

  • The list of available templates are displayed here

  • Now click on Add Email Template to add new template

  • In the Create New Email Template window,

    • Provide the Template name and a short description related to your template

    • Add a eye-catching subject line for your template

    • Type the email content in the below description space

    • Use place holders to add to add Joforce CRM fields in email content. Place the cursor in the appropriate place and Choose the module and the fields related to that module from the Select module & field section. You can also use the add the generic fields from the General Fields section.
  • Finally, Click on save.

Using the email templates while sending email

While sending email to your prospects, you can populate the predefined email templates. This save your sales reps time and effort in case of repetitive content.

  • In the Compose email section, click on Select email Template

  • Choose the desired email template

  • Now all is set, your email is ready to send

Adding HTML content in your email

Besides the boring flat text email templates, you can also add the email templates that looks cool and attract your customers. With Joforce CRM, you can add the customly designed html content to your templates. While creating new email template,

  • Click on the Source button in the text description space menu bar.

  • Copy and paste your HTML content in the space provided.

  • Finally hit Save.

Default views for the Email templates

Joforce CRM offers you with 2 different kinds of view,

  • List View
  • Thumb Nail View

Click on the desired icon to get the desired view

Managing Email Templates

Action performed in the list view

  • Click on the vertical ellipsis → Details → Navigate to the detail view of the record

    • Edit → To edit the record

    • More → Delete → To delete the selected record

    • More → Duplicate → To create a duplicate of the current template

Action performed in the list view

  • Hover the mouse on the desired template → Preview → To preview the template

  • Hover the mouse on the desired template → Select → To edit the template