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Connect your Gmail with Joforce CRM and bring email communication closer. With AirMail, you can send and receive emails right from your Joforce CRM. Easily find out your hidden Leads in email, and add them as your Lead, Contact, Organization or even add a ticket/event/task related to your prospects right from your Joforce CRM.

Connecting your Personal Email with Joforce CRM #

A built-in email client in Joforce CRM lets you connect your email with Joforce CRM. You can connect to any email provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or other sources and add the server name now AirMail is ready to connect to your email provider.

  • Click on the AirMail menu
  • Once done, it prompts you to configure your email.
    • Choose your email Account Type either Gmail or Yahoo, In case of a different source other than the two, choose Other
    • Now add the Server Name and Port
    • And your Email address and Password
  • Finally, click on Save.

If you need to make any changes in your IMAP configuration, you can access the same by

  • Click on AirMail → Server Settings in the top right corner.

Once configured, you can view your email inbox right inside your Joforce CRM.

Actions done in AirMail #

AirMail creates a look and feel just as you’re in your Gmail or Yahoo or any other account.

  • You can read, reply and forward your emails right away in AirMail
  • Compose new email
  • You can easily categorize your emails by using folders in your AirMail. To create a new folder,
    • Click on the Settings icon in the bottom of the left side menu. Choose Manage folder, Now you will be navigated to Settings → Folder section.
    • Click on the + icon in the left side Folders menu
      • Now provide the Folder Name.
      • If want group it under a parent folder, choose it from the drop down
      • Finally, click on save, and a new folder will be created
    • You can delete or empty the folders.


  • Within AirMail, you can perform all the activities within Joforce CRM, as in your email account. This minimizes the gap between your CRM and Email Account.


Changing the FROM address while composing a new email #

While composing new emails, you can easily change the sender address without changing the previously defined sender address. For this, you need to create a new sender address and choose one among them, when you connect with your customers. To create a new identity,

  • Click on Settings → Identities or click on the Edit identities besides the From Address
  • Now click on the + icon at the bottom of the Identities section
  • Add the necessary information
    • Add a Name for your identity
    • Configure the Email, Organization, Reply-To, Bcc
    • You can set this email as your default email, by enabling the checkbox
    • Add a signature.
  • Click on Save.

Now you can choose the desired sender address from the drop-down of the FROM address section.

Creating a new record in Joforce CRM right from AirMail

No more juggling between your email and CRM, to get your potential client’s information and add it to your CRM. Now you can easily identify your clients and add them right away as your CRM Leads, Contacts, organizations, Event, To-do, and Tickets. To do so,

  • Click on the desired email.
  • In the detail view of the email, choose the appropriate from the dropdown on the right side menu.
  • Based on the selected option, the desired module quick create window pops out.
  • All the available values in your email get auto-populated, you can also edit them.
  • Once done, hit Save.

Now the records will be created in Joforce CRM.

Import of existing contact inside AirMail #

Email Plus, lets you add your existing contacts in just a single click. Follow the below steps to import all your contacts.

  • Navigate to AirMail → Address Book → Import

  • In the Import section, choose the file to import
  • Choose the group to which you need to add the contacts
  • If you have new groups in your import file, and you need to create a new group and add the contacts choose All (create groups if necessary) else select Only for existing groups from the Import group assignments drop-down.


  • If you need to replace your entire address book with the imported contacts, enable the checkbox Replace the entire address book.
  • Finally, click on Import.

Adding contacts manually #

Apart from importing, you can also manually add the contacts in your AirMail. To do so,

  • Go to AirMail → Address Book
  • Click on the + icon and add the necessary details
    • Add the Name of your contact
    • Add the Properties information
    • Provide the Personal information
    • You can also add some Notes about your contact
    • You can also add additional fields by clicking on the Add Field drop-down
  • Finally, click on Save.
  • If you need to replace your entire address book with the imported contacts, enable the checkbox Replace the entire address book.

Finally, click on Import.