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Steps to Assign Multiple Users to a record

  • Go to the selected module. For an example, here we configured the Contacts module.
  • Click on ‘Add Contact’ to create new Contact or select existing Contact.
  • In the record edit view, you can see the custom block is added.


  • Here in the ‘Followers’ field, select the users from the list to assign the Contact record.

Assign-multi users

  • Set the ‘Team Status’ as Enable by choosing Enable from the dropdown. You can also disable it if you don’t want to assign the record for the users.


  • After you fill all the mandatory fields, click Save.


  • Once you save the record, the extension will automatically create a group and assign the record to the newly created group.
  • The assigned users can now access the record.
  • To view the newly created groups in Joforce CRM, navigate to Settings → Groups.