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Kanban View

Kanban view gives you a tabular view of all the modules. You can also set the number of records for each page according to your needs. To configure this settings,

  • Click on the Left SideBar → Settings → Navigate to the Module Management sections → Kanban View 
  • Select the particular module you want to configure or delete from the list by clicking on the edit option in the Action menu.
  • To Add Kanban View for any module, click on the Add Kanban View Button
  • Select Module – Choose the desired module from the drop-down
  • Select Picklists – Choose the desired Picklists from the drop-down
  • Select Field – You can select up to three fields
  • Records Per Page – It allows 100 -1000 records per page
  • Finally, click on Save.



Note: #

It is highly recommended that you can customize the record numbering before providing input to the data – It affects only the numbering of new records and not existing records.