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Introduction to Joforce Widget Account Tickets

Joforce Widget Account Tickets streamlines your productivity by allowing you to view all related Tickets records and create new Tickets inside Organizations record Summary view.

Module Installation #

Install the SmackWidgetAccountTickets module inside your JoforceCRM by following the below steps:

  • Go to User Profile icon → Settings → Modules.
  • Click on the Import Module from Zip button. Use the Select from My Computer button and upload the downloaded module.
  • Make sure you enable the accept with disclaimer and would like to proceed.
  • Select Import then check the accept license agreement checkbox.
  • Then select Import Now to start the importing process.

Configure the Module #

After you install the SmackWidgetAccountTickets module you can find it under Extensions in JoforceCRM Settings.

  • Click on the SmackWidgetAccountTickets module.
  • Here enable or disable the module to make it active or inactive in JoforceCRM.