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Sync List between JoforceCRM and Mailchimp

JoforceCRM Mailchimpplus Integration lets you create and update list from both JoforceCRM and Mailchimp

Sync List from Mailchimp to JoforceCRM #

You can get a Mailchimp List as your JoforceCRM Leads or Contacts or Organisations. The List can sync based on module configuration.

Step 1 – Fetch Lists from Mailchimp

  • In Mailchimpplus, navigate to the Sync section.
  • Click on the Get Lists from Mailchimp button from Sync Lists.
  • The fetched lists will be listed in the dropdown.
  • Choose the list you want to sync and select Sync Subscribers to JoforceCRM to sync the particular list chosen in the dropdown.
  • Note the sync can only process if you have done mapping before sync.


Step 2 – Mapping List Fields

Map the relevant Joforce fields to the corresponding Mailchimp fields.

  • Go to Mailchimpplus → Mapping
  • Choose the list that you want to sync and start mapping the fields.
  • Once done, click on Save.



Step 3 – Sync MailChimp List to Joforce CRM

The sync will happen based on mapping. To sync list,

  • Go to Sync in Mailchimpplus, click on Sync subscribers to JoforceCRM to sync List to CRM List module.

Sync List from Joforce CRM to Mailchimp #

Create a list in JoforceCRM and sync the List to Mailchimp at the instant of record saving.

  • In the Joforce Mailchimpplus, select Add Record to create a new record.
  • Fill all the fields and click on save.
  • If the record is bulk imported into JoforceCRM then the newly added record can be sync via Cron setup.