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Campaigns Sync in JoforceCRM Mailchimp

Sync Campaigns from Mailchimp to Joforce #

JoforceCRM Mailchimp Integration lets you sync campaigns from Mailchimp to Joforce. Campaigns will sync only after list sync between JoforceCRM and Mailchimp.

Step 1 – Fetch Campaigns

  • Click on the refresh icon to get campaigns from Mailchimp.
  • The fetched campaigns will be listed in the dropdown.
  • Choose the campaign you want to sync.
  • Click on the Sync button to sync that particular campaign selected in the dropdown. ( Can sync if the mapping done already for the campaign, if not proceed to continue step and map the fields)

Step 2 – Mapping Campaign Fields

Mapping enables us to match the fields of Mailchimp and JoforceCRM.

  • Navigate to the Mapping section in MailChimpPlus.
  • Assign the Mailchimp Campaign fields to the exact JoforceCRM Campaign fields.


Step 3 – Sync MailChimp to Joforce CRM

Campaign sync will be performed based on the mapping. The Mailchimp campaigns will be synced as JoforceCRM Campaigns.


  • Navigate to Sync in MailChimpPlus, Select the Sync button under ‘Sync Campaigns’ table.

Sync Campaign form Joforce to Mailchimp #

Joforce MailchimpPlus integration enables you to send campaigns created in JoforceCRM to Mailchimp at the instant of button click without any export and import work.

Step 1 – Mapping Campaign Fields

Mapping helps you match the fields of JoforceCRM and Mailchimp

  • Go to MailchimpPlus → Mapping.
  • Choose the campaign you want to sync from the dropdown.
  • Assign the Mailchimp Campaign fields to the exact CRM Campaign fields.

Step 2 – Sync from Joforce CRM to MailChimp

  • Move to your Joforce CRM Campaign module.
  • In the Campaign edit view, enable the Sync to MailChimp field.