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Module Configuration

After you installed the module, you can find it under Extensions in JoforceCRM Settings.

Steps to Create Relation #

  • Go to User Profile icon → Settings → SmackFieldMapping.
  • Here you can enable or disable the module.
  • Enable the module to make it active in JoforceCRM.
  • You can also configure modules individually which you want to use for relation by enabling the modules.
  • Select Relation List.


  • It opens a new page ‘Field Mapping’. Here select Modules List, it heads back to the previous page where you configure enabling the modules.
  • Select Create Relation to start creating a new relation.


  • It’ll open the ‘Field Mapping’ page, here add the following:
    • Name – Provide name for the relation you are creating.
    • Mapping Module – Choose one module from which you transfer data to another module.
    • Target Module – Choose the module to which the data will be sent.
    • Link Label – Provide label for the link which will be shown under More dropdown inside the ‘Mapping module’ record detail view.


  • Once you finish, click the Save button.
  • Next we have to add mappings.
  • Add new mappings by selecting the ‘Add Mapping’ button.
  • Select the field of the source module first, and then select the target module field.
  • You can delete mapping using the delete icon on the left side of every field mapping.


  • Click Save. The fields you mapped here will be pre-filled when you convert to the target module.
  • Now go to the Leads module detail view. For example, here we have created a relation to convert Leads to Contacts.
  • In the Lead record detail view, click More dropdown and select ‘Create to Contacts’.


  • It’ll redirect to the Contact Creation/Edit window.
  • Here the fields we added to field mapping are filled automatically.


  • You can fill other fields if you want.
  • Click Save to save the contact.