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How to work with Delivery Notes

Create Delivery Note from Delivery Notes module #

For easy accessing the module, make it as a menu inside inventory using Menu Manager.

  • Go to Inventory → Delivery Notes.
  • Select Add Delivery Note to create a new delivery note.
  • Start filling all the fields and save it.
  • You can deliver products by selecting the Deliver products button showing in the record detail view.


  • Edit the number of products to be delivered inside the pop up window and click on Save.
  • Now the Status in Details changed as ‘Delivered’.
  • You can now invoice the delivered products, to do that click on the Invoice products button.
  • It’ll show the edit view of the Invoice record.
  • Fill all mandatory fields and save the record.
  • In the Delivery Notes record details, the Status was changed as ‘Invoiced’.


    • Click on the Cancel Delivery Note to cancel the delivery note.
    • It’ll show a pop up window with the reason of cancelation.


  • Once you click save, the delivery note will be canceled and the Status in details changed to ‘Canceled’.

Edit Preferences #

The settings to enable Services are turned off by default. To make it active,

  • In the delivery module, go to Customize and click on PreferenceSelection.
  • Select Edit and enable the checkboxes of ‘Services enabled’ and ‘Update warehouse on delivery enabled’ to update Qty. in Stock field.


  • Save the changes.

Create Delivery Notes from Sales Order #

  • Go to Inventory → Sales Orders.
  • Select one record from the Sales Order list view.
  • In the Sales Order record detail view, you have the Delivery Overview block.


  • Click on Create Delivery Note and it’ll show a pop up window. Here set the quantity of products to deliver.
  • Now click on Create Delivery Note.
  • After you create delivery notes, you can deliver products either from the Sales Order or Delivery Notes module.

Deliver products from Sales Order #

  • Click on Deliver Products to deliver the products. It’ll open a pop up showing the products with its quantity.
  • Enable the checkbox of the product and click on Deliver.

Deliver products directly from Delivery Notes #

  • You can deliver products only if the status is ‘Ready to Deliver’.
  • Click on Deliver products in Sales Order detail view.
  • In the pop up window, set the product quantity and click on Save.
  • To invoice all delivered products, you have two options:

Invoice products from Sales Order #

  • Click on Invoice products, it’ll pop up a window.
  • Here check the products and click on the Create Invoice button.
  • It directs to the edit view of Invoice.
  • Fill out the fields you want and save the Invoice.
  • You can view the created invoice lists inside the Invoice block present in your Sales Order record detail view.

Invoice products from Delivery Notes #

  • In the Delivery Notes detail view, click on Invoice products.
  • It’ll open the edit view of the Invoice record.
  • Fill the required fields and save the record. The Invoice record is successfully created now.
  • You can view Delivery Notes listed inside the Delivery Notes block in the Invoice record.
  • In the Delivery Notes module record detail view, you can view the Status showing as ‘Invoiced’ inside Details.

Create Delivery Notes from Invoice #

  • Select one Invoice record to view it in Detail view.
  • On the bottom of the record you can have the Delivery Overview widget.


  • Click on the Create Delivery Note and set the quantity of the product in the popup window.
  • After that, click on Create Delivery Note. The Delivery Note is created now.