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With Joforce CRM you can list all your call history with customer number, recording, duration(sec)  and start time
it enables you to connect your Asterisk server with Joforce. Now you can easily make or receive calls right from Joforce.

Configuring your Asterisk in Joforce #

  • Click on the Left SideBar→ Settings → Navigate to the Extensions section → Calls→ More option in the top right corner. ( The More Option will only be displayed when the Asterisk server is installed)
  • On the drop down list of more option select provide Configuration for Asterisk server
  • Add the necessary information of your Asterisk server
  • Click on the Edit option and fill the appropriate fields in the pop-up windows

Asterisk server details:

  • Joforce Asterisk App URL
  • Outbound Context
  • Outbound Trunk
  • Joforce Secret key
  • Finally, click on Save.


Configure Asterisk Server Details after Installing Joforce Asterisk Connector in your Asterisk Server


Making calls from Joforce #

Navigate to the desired record information to whom you want to make the call,

  • Go to the detail view of the record and click on the phone number to make a call

Receiving calls in Joforce #

When your customer makes a call to you, a pop up arises and alerts you to pick the call. You can connect your softphone and click on the answer button to connect with your customer.

Call Logs #

All your incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged in Joforce. To view your logs,

  • Go to the detail view of the appropriate record → click on the PBX Manager menu
  • Here you can view the complete log of your calls to that particular customer.