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How to work with SmackImport module

Initially, you need to prepare a XLS file with Joforce module fields and record values to import on the selective module in Joforce.

Import via Supreme Import Extension #

If you have created a .xls file you can proceed to import.

  • Go to Tools → Supreme Import.
  • Select ‘Add Supreme Import’ to create a new import.


Upload File #

  • Here choose the module where you need to import records.
  • Click ‘Select from My Computer’ and upload .xls file from your desktop.
  • Once you have uploaded your .xls file, it’ll auto-populate fields like ‘File Type’ and ‘Has header’.
    • File Type- shows the type of file you upload.
    • Check the ‘Has header’ checkbox if your .xls file has headers. The header is mapped with the corresponding JoforceCRM header.


  • Duplicate Handling
    • Enable the duplicate handling if you want to check & skip duplicates while importing the records in JoforceCRM.
    • Once you enable it, choose ‘Skip’ in ‘Duplicate Handling’ dropdown to skip duplicates if it is found.
    • Select fields from the dropdown of ‘Fields to be matched on’ to check duplicates for those fields.


  • In ‘More Settings’,
    • Enable trigger workflow – to turn on trigger workflow of the module.
    • Enable create picklist values- create a new picklist value if there are more values for a field.


  • Click Next.

Field Mapping #

Map the XSL field with the appropriate JoforceCRM fields.

  • Provide a name to the import.


  • Select your previously saved mapping from the ‘select saved mapping’ dropdown.


  • It automatically maps all the fields. You can also change the mapping for the field if you require.


  • Set the default value for mapping.
  • To save this mapping as a template for future use, simply enable the ‘Save as Custom Mapping’ checkbox and provide a name to it.


  • Click Import to proceed importing.