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Results Import to Joforce

  • After you proceed with import, you can see the importing results here. Is shows results like:
    • Record total – is the total number of records you import.
    • Records created – the number of records created inside module
    • Records skipped – the number skipped as duplicate records
    • Records failed – the number of records failed to create inside the Joforce.


  • Select ‘Details’ in Record skipped to view the list of skipped records.


  • From here you can start a new import, view the last imported records and Undo the Last import. To do that,
    • Click on Import More – to start a new import.
    • Select Last Imported Records – to view which records are imported lastly.
    • ‘Undo Last Import’ – to cancel the last import process.
    • Click ‘Finish’ – to finish the importing.