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It lets you configure your calendar setting i.e. the view of your Joforce CRM calendar like your calendar date format, when your week begins, etc.

  • Go to Left SideBar → Settings → My preferences →Calendar Settings

You can configure #

  • Starting Day of the week – The day from which your calendar needs to begin.
  • The day starts at – The starting time of your day
  • Date Format – Choose your own date format
  • Calendar Hour Format – Choose your own format for the time
  • Time Zone – Choose your timezone
  • Default MyCalendar View – The default view for your own calendar. Joforce CRM offers you 4 views → Day, Week, Month, and Agenda. You can change the view at any time.
  • Popup Reminder Interval – The time interval the remainder popup displayed on the screen
  • Default Calendar View – The default view of the calendar module. i.e. List view, My Calendar view, or Shared Calendar View
  • Default Event Status & Activity Type – The default status and type of the event planned. The default type in Joforce CRM → Call, Meeting, Mobile Call. The default status → Planned, Held, Not Held
  • Default Event Duration – Specify your event duration

Hide Completed Calendar Events – Enable the checkbox to hide the completed events in your Calendar.