Duplicate Check

Joforce helps you to keep CRM data clean with the built-in duplicate check. It check for duplicates at the instant of data insertion.

Configure Duplicate check

Define the module fields to check for duplicates in Joforce and keep your CRM data more clean. To configure duplicate check in Joforce, follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to Profile icon → Settings → Navigate to Other Settings section → Duplicate Check

  • Choose the desired module in the Duplicate Check Rule For to check for duplicates

    • You can enable or disable the duplicate check for individual modules using the Enable / Disable icon

    • Now define the fields - Click on the double headed arrow in the right of the desired field you want to check for duplicates.

    • Finally click on save.

Working of duplicate check

When you add a new data or update the existing data in Joforce, the advanced duplicate check immediately pops out an alert to prevent you from creating duplicate records.

Eg: You’ve defined the duplicate check for the Phone field(no two phone can be same) of the Contact module. Now if you enter an already existing phone number in the Phone number field it immediately alert you that it already exists along with the existing records info.