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Configuration of Calculate Fields


Configure Settings #

Once you installed the module, you can find the module under Extensions by visiting User Profile → Settings

  • Select SmackCalculateFields module under Extensions.
  • The module automatically turns on once it gets installed.
  • To configure a new calculation, SelectNew Calculate Field button.

Create New Calculate Field using Joforce Calculate Fields module

  • Select the target module from the dropdown in which the new calculated field is created.

Select target module to configure with Calculate Fields

  • Select the target field from ‘Select target field’ where the calculation results are stored.


  • Choose Source Module and short add a description if needed.


  • Then select the Column or related field of the source module.


  • Select Operation.


  • You can select operations like SUM(value1+value2+…+valueN), AVG(SUM/COUNT), MIN(minimal value from all values, i.e. value1 …valueN), MAX (maximum value from all values, value1 …valueN), and COUNT (the count of the values, i.e. N)
  • Select filter for the related or source module.


  • You can also create new custom view/filters by setting up your own conditions. The calculations are done using the group of related records only which satisfies the filter conditions.


  • Click On Save button.


  • Run cron.php with joforce root path in your web browser. For example, type the path ‘localhost/joforce/cron.php’ in your browser.
  • You’ll get the calculated values in the destined field of the target module record after you run the cron.


  • The configurations can be edited and deleted whenever necessary.