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Introduction to Brute–force Login Security Master

The Brute Force Login Security Master extension of Joforce provides extra layer security to access your CRM data. It protects your data by including a stronger password, allows users to authenticate with unique verification code to log in to CRM, and blocks the user for minutes when trying to attempt a bad login. This extension greatly secures your data from attackers or crackers and ensures only trusted employees can access the CRM.

Module Installation #

Install the ‘SecurityMaster’ in JoforceCRM by undergoing the steps below.

  • Navigate to User Profile → Settings → Modules.
  • Select Import Module from Zip button and then click Select from My Computer button.
  • Upload the package you downloaded from our website. Make sure to enable the ‘accept with disclaimer and would like to proceed’ checkbox.
  • Select Import then check the ‘accept license agreement’ checkbox.
  • Click Import Now to start importing the module inside Joforce.

Configuration #

Follow the steps below to display the blocked to login alert on Joforce Welcome screen.

  • In your Joforce root directory, locate the Login.tpl file in ‘layouts/modules/Users/’ folder.
  • Rename the ‘Login.tpl’ file as ‘Login.Default.tpl’.
  • Move to ‘/layouts/modules/Settings/SecurityMaster/’ folder.
  • Select Login.tpl file and copy it.
  • Now paste the file in the ‘/layouts/modules/Users’ folder.
  • If you disable the ‘SecurityMaster’ module, remove the ‘Login.tpl’ file in the Users folder and rename the ‘Login.Default.tpl’ file to ‘Login.tpl’.