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This gives the list of all activities that run based on CRON(Recurring Jobs). Joforce offers you 6 different cron jobs,

  • WorkFlow
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Send Reminder
  • Mail Scanner
  • Schedule Reports
  • Scheduled Import

You can easily edit the Status and Frequency of these default cron jobs. However, editing and adding a new cron job requires some code-level changes, please use the developer guide.

Editing the Status & Frequency of the cron job #

With Joforce, you can edit the status and frequency of the cron job. To do,

  • Click on Left SideBar → Settings → Navigate to the Automation section → Scheduler

  • Choose the cron job, that you need to change
  • Click on the Edit icon on the left side of the desired cron job
  • A popup prompts, in this choose the Status
    • Active – To run the cron job
    • Inactive – To stop the cron job, if you no longer need it
  • Then frequency, finally click on Save.