CRM in Tours and Travel​s

Extensive library

Everyone is unique in their own special way with different interest and choices. To satisfy each and every one of your customer, you need to “know your customers needs” and to provide them with different set of choices, so that they can choose the best which suits them. Now with Joforce, you can provide your customers with more information based on their requirements by maintain the complete information about your customers and partners in a single unified window and thereby you can easily satisfy your customers.

Easily grab new customers

Joforce helps you to maintain all your company’s partner information like hotels, airlines, tour guides along with their best & lowest deals and offers. With complete information about different destination, you can easily attract many new customers by provide your customers with rich set of details than any other.

Retain existing customers

Joforce not only allows you to grab new customers, you also retain your existing customers without much effort. Joforce lets you to maintain the complete customer information like personal info, previous travel history, their budget plans and more. With all these info, you can easily identify their interest and involvements and easily give them the more relevant and accurate information.