CRM for Call Center​

Improved Data Access

To solve all your customer queries and to better satisfy them, your call center agents have to access the full scope of customer data. With Joforce, you can easily access all your customer information in a one go. It contributes a massive storage to store all the necessary information and the history of every customers. With the fast and precise data access, your agents can easily reduce the call duration and speed up the communication process thereby improving the customer experience.

Collaborative Efforts

In order to provide a legendary customer service, it is necessary to have the accurate and up-to-date information about your customers, billing services and much more. Joforce provides you the centralized data access, which enables you to maintain and share the accurate & appropriate information of all your customers among different departments.

Retain your Customers

Joforce renders a streamline data management system To deliver legendary customer service, When your call center agents deliver your customers with the precise and timeliness information, it assures the greater customer experience. With Joforce, you can easily achieve this. It renders a streamline data management, thereby you can easily avoid the holding time of your customers. Therefore it provides the better impact about the call center’s and leads to maximise the brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.