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Editon: Open Source

Version: 6.5,7.0,7.1,7.2

Joforce MailChimp Plus Integration

Product version 1.0

Bring in your email marketing tool inside CRM. Run email campaigns inside JoforceCRM with automated workflow-based data sync.

  • Bi-sync Mailchimp Lists to JoforceCRM Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.
  • Bi-sync Mailchimp Campaigns to your JoforceCRM Campaigns.
  • View Mailchimp Campaign reports details like clicks, opens, bounce and more inside Joforce.
  • Monitor monthly growth activity of your each Mailchimp List in JoforceCRM
  • Sync desired records from JoforceCRM to Mailchimp
  • Define your own workflows to add/remove Mailchimp Lists, Subscribers right from Joforce
  • Create Mailchimp Lists, Campaigns, inside Joforce CRM
  • Create Segments, Tags, WebHooks, Groups and Grouping,s for the List inside Joforce.
  • Sync Tags, Segments, Webhooks, Groups and Groupings, bidirectionally
  • Update your changes in Joforce to Mailchimp in just a click
  • Options to unsubscribe, subscribe and remove subscribers in your Mailchimp List directly from JoforceCRM
  • Sync data automatically between Joforce CRM and email marketing tool Mailchimp
  • Multilingual with support for 16 languages.
  • Perform secure sync with Mailchimp API version 3.
Single Domain
1 Year Free Support & Upgrade
Requires ionCube Loader (10 or ↑)

Data sync flow between Joforce and Mailchimp

List Sync

Bidirectionally sync Joforce CRM mailing list with Mailchimp mailing list

Campaign Sync

Sync Mailchimp campaign info inside Joforce CRM in one go.

Subscribers Sync

Get your Mailchimp subscribers info as Joforce CRM Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.

Products Demo

Product Demo

Try on your own and get to know more about Joforce MailChimp Integration.

Connect Your Mailchimp with CRM

Get your Mailchimp API Key and Configure it in your Joforce 


Relate Mailchimp & CRM fields

Choose the desired Mailchimp lists and fetch the list fields and map it with the Joforce  CRM list fields.


Lists and Campaigns Sync

 Fetch your Mailchimp Lists and Campaigns and then sync it to JoforceCRM.



Scheduled Synchronization

Choose the desired list and time-frequency to automatically run the sync at a specified time interval.


Groups & Groupings

Lets you create and assign your own Groups & Groupings for list inside your  Joforce CRM.


Campaigns Report

This brings your Mailchimp campaigns reports right inside your Joforce CRM.

highlighed Features


Safe, secure and reliable sync
  • Sync Campaigns, Leads, Contacts and Accounts records info to the appropriate Mailchimp Campaigns, Lists, Groups & Groupings.
  • Secure connection made between your Mailchimp and Joforce through Mailchimp API
  • Reflect your updates in Joforce automatically to Mailchimp
Track & analyse Mailchimp campaign reports
  • Keep track your customers activities by viewing Mailchimp Campaign reports inside Joforce
  • Get to know the click rates, opens, bounce, unsubscribed and more info of a particular campaigns
  • No need to use multiple Mailchimp accounts to view campaign reports
Audit record sync
  • In some cases, your sync may lose data due to connectivity barriers. With the logs in Joforce Mailchimp Integration, you can easily get to know records sync status.
  • Joforce Mailchimp Integration makes you prepare by letting you preserve the sync logs.
Intuitive field mapping
  • It auto-maps Mailchimp fields with the corresponding Joforce CRM field.
  • Make adjust the field mapping with customizable field relations.
Schedule records sync
  • Manage your record sync by schedule it to run at the specific periodic intervals
  • Control how often the Lists gets sync between JoforceCRM and Mailchimp
  • Get all information of Mailchimp Lists and Campaigns inside Joforce without login your Mailchimp account.

Reasons to integrate Joforce CRM with Mailchimp

Integrating Joforce CRM with Mailchimp helps you boost up your business productivity by selling the right products to the right customer. Here, know exactly the benefits of Integrating email marketing tool Mailchimp with JoforceCRM.


360-degree view

Joforce Mailchimp Integration eases the difficulties of your salesperson from switching between two platforms, to sending emails to clients and getting complete info of the customers. But now your sales reps can receive the complete info about the Lead and Campaigns sent in the one unified window. Thereby nurture more leads effectively.


Improved sales visibility

By viewing the campaign reports inside Joforce CRM your sales reps can know about the customer behaviour for the particular email campaign. The intuitive dashboard gives all details of the campaign that equip your sales and marketing team to know the campaign success rate and the interest of your business clients .


Better collaboration and Success teamwork

Your sales and marketing team becomes more efficient when they combine together. With our Joforce Mailchimp Integration you can make that. It helps your sales team to get complete info of all marketing activities and also helps in efficient follow-ups. .


Improved List targeting

Knowing the interest of the clients helps to build well-targeted email campaigns. Joforce Mailchimp Integration lets you easily track all your Leads and previous campaigns info within your JoforceCRM. This helps to build a targeted list as well as campaigns to nurture leads with more enchanting content .


Campaign analysis

Monitoring and analyzing campaigns are the key elements to receive campaign success and more sales. This will help you to strengthen the impact of your campaign. With JoforceCRM Mailchimp Integration, you can view all the campaign reports inside JoforceCRM and can track its open rates, clicks, and more. Thereby get to know the success rate of the campaign for better decision making,


Monitor the Click & Open Rates

After you shoot up the email campaigns, next you need to know about opens and click rates of the campaign for efficient campaign analysis. Joforce Mailchimp Integration, lets you track these campaign information of individual Lead/Contact and let you easily measure subscribers engagement with your subject lines and campaign content. .


Get to know more with Freddie

Understanding customers is important for marketing and sales to serve them correctly with relevant and targeted info. With Freddie, you can get groups and groupings info to which Leads/Contacts belong to. You can add/remove the Lead/Contact to the listed group and groupings.