Joforce Field Mapping

Field mapping module allows you to relate and transfer the field values within related modules by simply mapping the fields with target module fields.
  • Select modules to enable field mapping.
  • Create a relation between two modules among selected modules.
  • Add fields, map with appropriate target module field.
  • Individually convert the field values from one module to another.
  • Copy field values by just hitting on the label.

Joforce Field Mapping

CRM Compability

CRM Compatibility :Edition: Open SourceVersion: 1.5 & above

Product Version

Product version 1.0

Single Domain
1yr FREE support
ionCube Loader 4.0 & above
Product Demo
Unlock efficiency with Joforce Field Mapping demo. Seamlessly sync data between systems, customize field mappings, and streamline integration workflows. Witness enhanced accuracy, time-saving automation, and improved data consistency. Experience seamless data flow. Try it now for optimized processes!

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