Profiles are used to control the actions performed on Joforce by your users i.e. the privileges that you provide your users to access the information in Joforce. In addition to that, Joforce lets you to restrict access to specific fields and tools of the modules.

Creating a new profile

By default Joforce, provides you with 4 profile i.e. Administrator, Sales, Support, Guest, and Masquerade User Profiles. You can also edit the existing profile and easily add a new one

  • To Create a New profile

    • Click on the Profile icon → Settings → Navigate to the User Management section → Profiles → Add Profile

    • Provide the Profile name and you can also add some description related to the profile

    • Then define permissions(Refer below)

    • Finally click on Save
  • To edit profile

    • Click on the desired profile → Edit

    • Change the necessary permissions(Refer below)

    • Once done, hit Save

Adding permissions to a specific profile

Joforce lets you to add privileges based on the profile. By this way, you can easily control the operations that your users can perform in the information. With Joforce, you can easily enable or disable the access of the module as whole or you can also allow the access to View, Create/ Edit, Delete on the fields and modules in Joforce. As well you can also define the permissions on the specific fields of the module

  • To provide the complete access to all the modules, check on the check boxes

  • To restrict the access to View, Create/ Edit, Delete on the whole, uncheck the checkboxes on the header. Ex: If you don’t want your users to delete any of the record information in Joforce, then to restrict the delete action on the whole - Uncheck the checkbox beside the Delete.

  • To disable a specific module - Uncheck the corresponding checkbox to that module.

  • To disable the permissions the specific module - Uncheck the corresponding checkbox related to the module the permissions tab

  • To define permissions on the fields on the module

    • Click on the drop down in the “FIELD AND TOOL PRIVILEGES”

    • To define privileges, move the ball beside the fields.

      • Black - Represent Invisible, the field is hidden to the user

      • Organe - Read only, the user can view the record

      • Green - Write, the user can modify the record
  • You can also assign permission on the features related to that module. I.e. you can restrict the user to import or export records or duplicate handling option, based on the module the tools vary accordingly.

    • Click on the checkboxes to enable or disable the appropriate feature.

Deleting a Profile

If the already existing profile doesn’t matches your requirements, you can delete the profile. To delete a profile,

  • Click on the Toggle Bar in the left side of the desired profile

  • Choose delete

  • Before deletion, Joforce prompts you to transfer the profile info to another profile.

  • In the Delete Profile overlay, Choose the desired option from the dropdown of the Transfer roles to profile and finally click Save.