Brand Assets

We consider our logo the most valuable brand asset. If you are looking to make you better with our brand, please have a look at these guidelines about how to use our name, logo, and colors.

Our Name

Use our name always as ‘Joforce’ as it is provided. Do not use any capitals in the midst of letters like ‘JoForce’.


Our logo presented with the combination of three contacts with the bold arrow below pointing to the right side. You can use our logo like below:

When you place the logo in a dark background, you can use it like

The Colors we use

Grey is our base color that reflects formal and sophistication. The text Joforce should be in a very dark gray color. Its hex value is #303030.

Use #808080 Gray, Trolley Grey color for contact icon in logo and for the bold arrow we use red #c23702.

It’s good to be a little careful in using the logo to avoid great confusion.

Do with logo

  • Give plenty of spaces around the logo.
  • Logo should only be present with the colors provided.
  • Always use the name ‘Joforce’ with the letter ‘J’ capitalized.

Don't with logo

  • Don’t do any alterations in the logo like modifying colors or text sizes. Use the logo as we mentioned.
  • Don’t add any additional effects to the Joforce logo.


You can download our logos from the link here.