Joforce 1.1(Beta): Enhanced with better data visualization, Intuitive user interface and more

Have you ever wondered, what might be the most valuable asset for any business? Most people would answer, the products or the employees or the stakeholders and more. Sure, all these are valuable but above all, the one that stand out from the crowd are customers. In fact, whatever may be your business or focus and whatever may be your products or services, customers are important to your business. Not just customers, it is essential to have more number of satisfied customers for your business.

Nurturing relationships with your customers is the crucial part for a successful business. However to know, understand and nurture your targeted audience, you may need to collate all your customer info in one place. So a CRM would definitely help you to efficiently organize and manage all your customer info rather than maintaining all the info in the traditional method. And it helps your team to collaborate with each other to take customer satisfaction to the next level.

Last month we released the initial version of Joforce : A Better Open Source CRM to give you a sophisticated CRM experience. Today, We’re happy to release the next version of Joforce (1.1 Beta). Here is the list of enhancements,

Visualize your data

We made it easy for you to better visualize your CRM data with HighCharts. With Joforce you can get the complete history of all your data at a single glance. You can easily get to know your complete sales cycle of all your users in a unified window. Joforce helps you to not only get the sales info but you can also make your support info to come alive.

Intuitive user interface

The newly enhanced user interface enables you to have a unique experience throughout your Joforce. You can easily engage your team members with the most relevant data. With Joforce your sales, marketing and support can access both the data that is specific to their team and can access the centralized customer information without any intervention.

Other Improvements

Now Joforce has been enhanced to add compatibility to latest version of PHP 7. And we have made some core improvements to make the CRM performance even smoother than before.

Not tried yet? You can download it either from GitHub or SourceForge and get started! If you have any questions write to us at [email protected].

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