Release of JoForce CRM 1.5

When you’re running a CRM with a large load of data or your team grows, there will be a lot of things to be managed within the CRM. How do we organize the records? How do the salespeople find out what they want? How do they discover related records? To keep you relaxed and work… Read More

Migrating to JoForce CRM 1.5

JoForce drastically extends its functionality in every release of a new version with an adaptive interface and efficient features. Upgrade your CRM now with version 1.5. This latest update comes with enhanced Kanban view, Global search and noted bugs fixes. And it’s time to migrate to a new home, ‘JoForce1.5’. Here we provide the simple… Read More

Change log of JoForce CRM 1.5

JoForce 1.5 is now live. This version comes with enhanced User Experience and bug fixes. #114 – Added: Support for MySQL V5.7 – Added: Support for importing User data from CSV – Added:  Easily get updates on any changes made in important or personalized record. #113 – Modified: Forum pages #112 – Modified: Buttons UI… Read More


JoForce CRM 1.4 release brings support for Masquerading your CRM contacts as Users. This gives you more choice for grouping contacts based on roles and give them access to their data inside CRM. Besides this, we have added support for email tracking, custom module creation, language editor and more. Journey of JoForce CRM 1.4 Our… Read More


Imagine that you’re running an eCommerce store and uses to CRM to manage all your customer related information. One day, one of your customers contacts you that he is waiting for his order delivery for a long time. Now you check with your team and suddenly this comes to your notice that, “The delay is… Read More


“CRM Modules” offers a great way to efficiently organize your business process and lets you to categorize your customer information in some order. However, offering a standard set of modules for your business helps you to track the common elements of your process. What about the processes that is unique to your business. As every… Read More


Ever experienced this: Inadvertently, finding yourself mailing to an outdated customer address. Oops! The right address was on the new record added last week. Or mailing the same email multiple times to the same customer Or …. One reason behind all these issues is “Data Duplicates” especially CRM Duplicates, as most of today’s business owner… Read More


“Sales” – It is the primary key for any business to be successful. This is why every organization should undoubtedly have a well-defined sales process. According to a research by Harvard Business Review, an organization that maintains even a simple & basic defined sales process grow 15 percent faster than those don’t have it. So… Read More


Ever experienced this scenario: Awesome! You won a new client with a new project. It’s time to analyse your client requirements and to generate a Quote. After thorough analysis, you may either fill out a spreadsheet or log into an online site to access a predefined Quote template. And spend your next 20-30 minutes in… Read More


How often you leave your home without your Mobile phone? Almost it never happens. Mobile technology has drastically altered the way we do things. Not only in our personal life but also in our workforce. The concept of “9 to 5” “Monday to Friday” work week is diminishing. This is especially true for your sales… Read More